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David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Wed Mar 17 11:26:58 PST 2004

I have to disagree with Ron. Dixieland has a lot of "stock" riffs and
phrases, intros and endings that constitute a sub-set of the musical
language we use to communicate, keep things going when we can't think of
anything to say, and invite the participation of the other musicians to
create excitement. Part of the creative process is remixing the stock licks
to make a tune sound different, in addition to what one does during solos. 

I don't know whether there are published books of these for the horns, but
there were piano books, so probably there were similar ones for horns. 

A terrific start is the Dukes of Dixieland corpus--they used everything
there was and probably invented some. It's a damned shame so many of their
recordings aren't available legally unless you find them on eBay or used LP
stores...But it's worth the effort. 


At 10:15 PM 3/16/2004 -0500, Ron L'Herault wrote:
>Dixieland is not really made that way.  You have to create your own
>material.  Listen to what the other players do.  Respond.  React.  It is
>a conversation.   You can listen to what other players of your
>instrument have done and copy them to get a feel for it but in the last
>analysis, what comes out of your axe should be coming right from you
>Ron L
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Does anyone have a source for NO/Dixie type riffs and phrases,
>those for frontline instruments.  You can buy lots of modern jazz phrase
>but I 
>imagine that old licks books are only on Ebay these days. Any ideas?

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