[Dixielandjazz] Re: words and chords for a Bessie Smith song

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Wed Mar 17 18:57:29 PST 2004

Dear David,
"Take Me For A Buggy Ride" (S. Wilson).
Recorded by Bessie Smith on 24 Nov 1933.

You my man, you so nice and brown
Sweetest man in this town

I heard you say you was goin' away
And leavin' here to stay

I feel like I could cry
And here's the reason why.

Daddy, you really knows your stuff when you take me for a buggy ride
I like you when you got your habits on, you can shift your gear with so much

I gets a funny feelin' when you gaze into my eyes
You give me such a thrill you make my thermometer rise

I'm happy when you by my side
When you take me for a buggy ride

Daddy, you as sweet as you can be when you take me for a buggy ride
When you set me down upon your knee and ask me to be your bride

When you hug and kiss me, it makes me feel fine
I gets this funny feelin' up and down my spine

You don't need no teachin', you don't need no guide
When you take me for a buggy ride

Your lovin' ain't so forte in the park
But you a lovin' poor creature in the dark

You ain't so hot, what can it be
That makes me say, "Daddy take all of me."

You always ready every time that I call
What I like about you, you never stall

You ain't no preacher, you a good old soul
You done send salvation to my sorry soul

I can't kick, but I'm satisfied
When you take me for a buggy ride.

Very kind regards,

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