[Dixielandjazz] Vale Sid Bromley

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Fri Mar 12 20:09:34 PST 2004

Dear friends,
Sid Bromley, an Australian jazz legend died last night from a heart attack,
then a fall. Or vice versa.
A real jazz character who I first met in 1949. A Queenslander, but we never
held that against him.  8>)
Sid was a true friend who lived and breathed jazz. A man who used the New
York hip talk of the late 30s-early 40s all his life.
He was not an old bloke really (born Brisbane 7 July 1920), but a mate who
slowed down several years ago. And finally had to admit it.
But always a man with one mission. Jazz.
Not the revivalists, but the early stuff, in particular Louis, Condon, the
early modernists and anything Australian. A dear friend to all our local
jazz pioneers. A devotee who had a cross on his living room floor where
Edmond Hall had once stood.
Sid tried clarinet in the early 40s and started the first jazz club in
Brisbane in about 1940.
He served Australia with honour during WWII as a serviceman in Australia and
New Guinea, all the while spreading the jazz message. He befriended any
American (black or white) who shared his interest. Friendships which lasted
a lifetime.
Discharged in 1946 he re-established the Brisbane Swing Club and formed the
popular Canecutters, playing drums. After local acclaim and some national
broadcasts they disbanded in 1952.
Sid was at the first Australian Jazz Convention in 1946 and supported it all
his life. He started the Brisbane Jazz Club in 1957 and became a regular
local jazz broadcaster. He met and entertained all the visiting jazz
celebrities from Louis Armstrong down. And was proud to call them friends.
A genuine jazzman who did not 'suffer fools gladly' and always outspoken in
the defence of the true jazz.
Sid is a great loss to Oz jazz but, fortunately, left an indelible mark.
He will be missed by his friends and 'jazz enemies', of which he made quite
a few of both over the years. For Sid was wildly upfront in his passion for
our music. 
I loved the man, and I know he knew it. I will miss the old bloke.
A true friend, personally and to Australian jazz.
Very kind regards,
PS: Please pass the sad news on.  

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