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maggie maggief at comcen.com.au
Thu Mar 11 21:11:57 PST 2004

>From Why Men Don't Listen And Women Can't Read Maps - by Allan and Babara 
Under the heading "Sex On The Brain"
American Demographics magazine reported the findings of a group of researchers
who surveyed over 10,000 adults in 1997 and discovered a link between sex 
drive and intelligence. They found the cleverer you are, the less sex you 
have, or want to have.
Intellectuals with post graduate qualifications had sex 52 times a year 
compared to an average of 61 times for ordinary graduates, while school 
leavers averaged 69 times.
Men with 9 to 5 jobs had sex 48 times a year, compared to 82 times for men 
working more than 60 hours a week - increased testosterone probably made the 
difference to both their work drive and sex drive.
Jazz enthusiasts have sex 34 % more than those who like pop, and classical 
enthusiasts have the least sex.
Conclusion: A woman is most safe with a Chinese man who loves classical music 
and works part-time, but she should beware of hardworking jazz pianists.

Adrian Ford, Sydney, Australia 

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