[Dixielandjazz] Davison to John Petters

Tom Saunders tcornet at webtv.net
Sun Mar 14 13:21:11 PST 2004

BRAVO for your Wild Bill concert on March 26th. I wish I could be there.
I hope that your new cornet player captures the Davison fire and not all
his notes. Bill & I listened to alot of guys that played his every note
and he didn't appreciate that at all. He said, "Christ, this guy even
misses the same notes that I miss". I was always after his feel, nothis
notes. I'm sure everything will cook as it should.

The name WILD BILL began in a strange way. Bill had a small (I think 4
society group. He even wore white tie and tails. They were booked ino a
ballroom on the south side of Chicago and when they 
pulled up in front of the place the marque
Bill freaked! This was an all black ballroom and his first thought was
to run and hide. However, they played the gig and the crowd loved them.
The name stuck and it sure fit his lifestyle, as we all know. Armstrong
was a big idol to Bill and this ballroom manager took it upon himself to
make up the name. Strange stuff. 
Good luck with your event,
Tom Saunders

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