[Dixielandjazz] Wild Bill Davison Remembered Gig - Old Harlow26thMarch

john petters jpettjazz at btinternet.com
Sat Mar 13 10:15:10 PST 2004

Bob said
> John, are you sure that Bill actually worked with Bix?  I remember Bill
> telling me that he once heard Bix when they were playing for the same
> function at opposite ends of an auditorium.
As I recall, Bill told me he played mellophone with Bix. I don't know where
or when. Maybe he meant on the same bill as Bix, but he gave me the
impression that they played together.
Bill certainly retained a great fondness for Bix. In '86 we did a recording
with a '20s style band, with John R T Davies, Keith Nichols, John Barnes (on
bass sax) and Jean Francois Bonnell, which tried to capure the flavour of
the Bix bands. Bill played his own style, but it worked. I was not too happy
with the overall results, so I have not released it on CD, but it was an
interesting project.
John Petters
Amateur Radio Station G3YPZ

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