[Dixielandjazz] Rudi Blesh -Radio Show Tape 1949 NYC.

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 10 16:34:36 PST 2004

List mates:

Recently found a long lost tape I made of 2 Rudi Blesh jazz radio
programs from NYC, in 1949. It was also broadcast in Canada over the
Canadian Broadcast network and world wide through the Voice of America.
It is a "Live" Broadcast. Blesh had a weekly program in NYC for a while
featuring "improvised jazz". (OKOM)

Program One:

Louis Armstrong: guesting with the house band which consists of Wild
Bill Davison, Albert Nicholas, George Brunies, Art Hodes, Pops Foster,
Baby Dodds and Danny Barker (guitar) about 15 minutes of music. Made
around the time of Dodds' series of strokes. Songs include High Society,
Part of Dippermouth Blues, I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You
(Slightly Risque Vocal), Do You Know What It Means, 219 Blues etc.
Includes banter between the musos.

Program Two: Muggsy Spanier with same as above minus Louis and Wild
Bill. About 15 minutes.

Remainder of the tape:

Some Louis with Teagarden, Edmond Hall, Wettling (I think), Barker, (I
think) and Foster. Swinging stride influenced piano, but I can't
remember who. Chet Baker with a very up tempo, modern "Zing Went The
Strings of My Heart", Al Hirt with "Can't Get Started" and Sergei
Nakariakov with a classical trumpet piece which is a beauty. Plus some
later big band Louis vocals and a part of a swinging blues with
Teagarden and Louis.

I made it originally for a trumpet playing and singing buddy. Roughly 80
minutes, with a few gaps and glitches. Fidelity is OK for being recorded
from the radio.

Write me off list if you would like a copy in exchange for a CD or tape
from you. Include your address.

Steve Barbone.

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