[Dixielandjazz] Clarinet Licks/Ensemble skill

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I would add Bob Reitmier (SP?) to the clarinet list. And still a winner
though not as active as in the past years is my fellow member of the
"Matty's Boys" society, Jerry Fuller.
Kim Cusack is my personal favorite these days because I still occasionally
get to gig with him.
If you can find the records and go back in era a few years, you can not do
harm by listening to Artie Lyons, Stan Story, Bill Woods.
So many good ones, so little work!
Don Ingle

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> I agree with the necessity to play ensemble.  This past week I was
> to my Buck Creek CD and enjoying John Skillman's playing.
> There are so many good players, it is impossible to mention them all!
> Ron Hockett must be mentioned, however.  He improves EVERY TIME I hear
> It is hard to understand how someone you think is great can get better!
> Brian Olgavie is another I really enjoy hearing.
> Now I will shut up!
> Rebecca Thompson
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