[Dixielandjazz] Dixieland jazz/Ragtime piano bug

Deby Lee dlee at image-entertainment.com
Wed Mar 10 09:48:55 PST 2004


The only cure is to find your nearest jazz festival and listen until
you've got cramps in both feet from tapping your foot to the music.  As
far as I know, this is only a temporary fix, and a lifetime of therapy
at various festivals is required to maintain a great level of happiness.
No cure has ever been found.  Hello, Central? Give me Dr. Jazz....

I'm currently listening to, as part of my therapy, is "Till Tusen" by
the Jazzin Jacks.

It's the GD Dixieland Jazz/Ragtime piano bug I caught at an early age!
There are NO pills and NO shots you can take to get rid of it! If you
report into the clinic, and there IS a cure...PLEASE let me know
post-haste! I've tried ALL of the protection methods! Romans

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