[Dixielandjazz] Clarinet Licks/Ensemble skill

Ken Gates keng at iswest.com
Tue Mar 9 10:47:44 PST 2004

I certainly echo that listening to folks like Davern, Vache, Hedges,
and other top of the line current clarinet artists can only to helpful to
any aspiring musician.  Hard to imagine how the instrument can be
played any better.  I'm trying to remember what started this thread.
Think I recall that a bandleader had acquired a fine clarinetist that had
not been immersed in OKOM.  If the band is playing something akin
to New Orleans style or "dixieland",  seems to me that hearing solid
ensemble playing is also necessary.  Current lesser known players who
do well at ensemble playing would include, I think, Gerry Green of
"Grand Dominion"---Mickey Lewis of "Climax"---Jim Buchman of
various bands.  And there are many others.
That is not to say that Davern, Vache, Hedges don't play good ensemble.
But their CD's are more likely to present their remarkable solo skills.
Oh, another name to add to top of the line clarinetists perhaps is Al Pease.
And some West Coast bands that always seem to have fine clarinet players
are Fulton Street (Newman--and now Edgerton), Chicago Six (Bob McKewen)
Golden Gate Rhythm Machine (Jim Rothermel), Uptown Lowdown (name
escapes me but he's a fine player-maybe Richardson?).

Ken Gates

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