[Dixielandjazz] Clarinet Licks and Alan Vache

Harold Smith s3856lpa at webtv.net
Mon Mar 8 10:16:37 PST 2004

Hi, John!  Appreciated your Email, but, nice as it would be, I am not
THE Hal Smith.  He is a marvelous OKOM drummer--probably the best in his
particular genre.  Instead, I am a 73 year old very small-time
clarinetist who happens to admire all the great players, of which Alan
Vache is one.

Nice to be thought of, though.  Gee, maybe  I could take advantage of
the similar name, and try to pan myself off as a great musician.

Glad you also mentioned Chuck Hedges in your message.  He's another one
of the exceptional players who not very often is listed among the
masters of his horn.  His hard-driving style is really big-time.  (He
won't speak to me because I don't practice unless I'm trying out a new

Best Regards from Harold Smith

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