[Dixielandjazz] Clarinet Licks beware

Alberto Martino tmartino at terra.com.br
Mon Mar 8 02:53:22 PST 2004

Bud Taylor asked:

<<<<<We have a new (to OKOM) clarinet player who is really getting into
our style.  I was wondering if anyone knows of an instruction book from
back in the good old days (1930-60's) for clarinet players.  Sort of
like the Louis Armstrong Hot Licks book or Rube Bloom's Piano Tricks.

As we see, Bud plays OKOM with a Traditional Dixieland Jazz band since
So, dear Barbone, dear Rebecca, sorry I disagree with you because
listening to outstanding present day second or third generation clarinet
players will be of no avail to a clarinettist who is “getting into our

I played with Tim Laughlin, and with Chuck Hedges, (and I think also
jammed with a young Allan Vache’ in New Orleans 1974); they are actually
giant players difficult to emulate, but ask THEM from who they learnt!
I’m almost dead sure they begun listening to the pioneers, Dodds, Noone,
Bechet, Hall, Bigard, Nicholas!  And not just because they were alive at
that time, but because these pioneers simply they originated OKOM the
way we want to play!
Even Goodman learned listening to Roppollo, Dodds and Noone.  

And Barbone, sorry, but will be of no use to a newcomer wannabe OKOM
clarinet player supposed to play in an OKOM Band, listening to Ch.
Parker or J. Coltrane; they are giants as were Liszt and Debussy, but
they  definitely don't play OKOM! 

I listen to them boppers for pleasure as I listen to Shostakovich and
Chopin; I take even some ideas from them for my playing, but in a
different level!
I'm firmly based in Dodds, Bechet, Nicholas and am trying hard to have
my own style inside OKOM, as you can see from my CDs. 

Bud, I recommend vastly to your clarinettist to listen LIVE to Laughlim,
Vache’, Christopher, and a few others of their high calibre, and buy
their CDs; it's sheer pleasure and joy.  And listen to all kinds of GOOD
music as did Parker and does every music lover.  
But to LEARN OKOM, please Bud, tell your clarinettist to go to the roots
and THEN develop his own style as I'm sure did these present day OKOM
clarinettist greats. 

I would like to listen to what Tim and Allan have to say!
And Bud, if he need some "instruction book" as you say, try a simple one
like the old 1935 (maybe out of print) Roy Miller's (formerly with
Sousa's Band) Modern Method for Clarinet, just to learn to play major
and minor and seventh and diminished arpeggios in any key. No Hot Licks
at all in this book; these he must learn listening to the roots, the
pioneer player's recordings. 

That's my firm opinion and I stick to that. Now, I'm ready for the flak.

Cheers to all, 

Tito (please don't listen to my playing to learn) Martino
São Paulo   Brazil 

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