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My first response to Tom missed the point a bit, as I just glanced
through his post.  I see, after reading another response to his post,
that the gig was actually cancelled.  In that case, the normal thing is
that this sort of cancellation is written into the contract.  In a
benefit situation, you would have to know how the benefit was being run,
and if everyone was being paid.  If so, so should the performers.  

In the case of a normal gig being cancelled due to rain, etc., we have
had organizations try to squirm out of paying the full amount as per the
contract.  "Oh, we'll get you back....for sure....in a few months"!  We
take the cash instead of the promise.  Bird in hand sort of comes to
mind here.  Put the shoe on the other foot and try to imagine what would
happen:  "oh, we missed this gig, but we'll come another night!"      :>


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Tom asked if it was ok to accept money for playing a benefit gig.  First
question always is "is everyone doing this gig for free?  If the stage
hands, piano rental, site, everyone, everyone, everyone is going free,
well.....the band would probably wish to do the same.  I believe free
advertising would be heavily pushed to try to make up for your non pay.
Ever notice the large sign on the side of a grand piano at a benefit
function that says "this piano donated by so & so"?  The famous "Band
Aid" concert years ago was that type of gig.

In my experience with benefits, though, the norm is that everyone
involved is getting paid, although they may have given a special price.
That's precisely what we do, normally charging a third less than normal,
as the fancy restaurants where our type of benefits usually take place
do more or less the same.  

When sidemen get roped into doing shows with the big name singer who has
donated his/her free performance, the sidemen should get paid, as it is
the big name that can afford to do benefits, and will reap the personal
benefits of publicity (normally lots of tv, radio & press exposure
saying what a great guy he/she is!).  


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