[Dixielandjazz] 1950s dixieland bands

Anton Crouch a.crouch at unsw.edu.au
Sat Mar 6 18:25:06 PST 2004

Hello Dan

Welcome to the joys of retirement! A good list.

For the Americans, I can add:

Dorsey, Jimmy & his Original Dorseyland JB	Dorsey, Jimmy
Papa Laine's Children				Wiggs/Souchon

And, from Australia:

Katzenjammers, Jack Allan's			Allan, Jack
Barnard, Bob's JB				Barnard, Bob
Barnard, Len's JB					Barnard, Len
Bell, Roger & his Pagan Pipers			Bell, Roger
Black Eagle JB (= St Vincent JB)			Wright, Bob
Black Opal JB					?
Cootamundra JB					Jannsen, Lloyd
Coughlan, Frank & his Lucky Seven		Coughlan, Frank
Curry, Eric's Foresters Hall JB			Curry, Eric
Dallwitz, Dave's Southern Jazz Group		Dallwitz, Dave
Johnson, Frank & his Fabulous Dixielanders		Johnson, Frank
Melbourne New Orleans JB			Turville, Frank
Lazy Ade & his Backroom Boys			Monsbourgh, Ade
Newstead, Tony's South Side Gang			Newstead, Tony
Paramount JB					?
Pickering, Tom's Good Time Music		Pickering, Tom
Port Jackson JB					Price, Ray
Southern Jazz Group				?
Welch, Les & his Dixie Six			Welch, Les

Not a complete list and I suspect that some of my Oz mates may query some
of the leaders and/or supply the answers to the question marks.

All the best

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