[Dixielandjazz] Chords to bridge of "Who Walks In"?

Nancy Giffin nancyink at ulink.net
Thu Mar 4 22:51:55 PST 2004

From: "Dave Gravatt" <dave at creolejazz.com>
<< "...Greetings all. I'm trying to dig this tune out of my memory --
the old Firehouse Five Plus Two tune, "Who Walks In When I Walk Out".
Is the second chord of the bridge major or minor?..." >>

Hi Dave,
Becky Kilgore sings "Who Walks In" with BED -- "Becky, Eddie, Dan" (and now
with Joel Forbes officially on bass). She replied to your query this way:

< "...Always happy to do an emergency consultation on a song for someone!
According to the chart I think we're using:
We perform the song in Cm (3 flats)
Bridge goes:  C7 for 2 bars, F7 for 2 bars, Bb7 for 2 bars, then to Cm
Hope this helps.
Take care,
-Becky ..." >

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