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I don't believe the Beverly Hills Unlisted JB was around in the 50s.  Conrad
Janis recorded under the Conrad Janis Jazz Band, but I don't believe the
name BHUJB was used until about 1980.

If I am wrong, please correct me.

Sending this to Conrad also.

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Placerville, CA USA

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> Folks--
>      Here's something that could never have been even tried before the
> internet came along.  (Oh, well, yeah, i guess we could all have
> exchanged letters with each other, if we knew who 'each other' were
> and had a lot of time and carbon-paper (remember that?), but get
> real.)
>      About a year ago i posted a question to the DJML about what
> dixieland bands were active and playing in the 1950's, as i seem to
> be trying to collect recordings from then.  I got a number of great
> responses, but i wasn't able to devote the time to following up on it
> until now (i just retired).
>      The following (sorry for the length, but we can't do attachments)
> is a list of the band names and their principal person (if known)
> that various of us came up with.  Yes, i stripped off the name of the
> band's leader from the band-name, but it's over in the right column.
>      If you feel the inclination and have the time, please check this
> list and send me any corrections or additions you detect.  So far as
> i know, there is no book, periodical, or website that has this
> information, so we'll be doing original research here, suitable for
> publication and (dare i say it) vast profits (in our dreams).  Any
> other little interesting tidbits you may recall about the bands or
> players (like the cities or countries they played in, stories about
> them or their gigs, etc.) will be lagniappe.  Also, were any of them
> ever on TV?  (I just received a DVD of the Firehouse Five, Red
> Nichols, and Pete Daily with film performances from 1950-51, so i'm
> interested.)  Thanks.
>      Dan
> (Note: the following is more readable in a fixed-width font like Courier.)
> All-Stars, Eddie Condon's                        Condon, Eddie
> All-Stars, Louis Armstrong's                     Armstrong, Louis
> Alvin, Danny JB                                  Alvin, Danny
> Ball, Kenny JB                                   Ball, Kenny
> Barbarin, Paul JB                                Barbarin, Paul
> Barber, Chris JB                                 Barber, Chris
> Barrett, Sweet Emma JB                           Barrett, Emma
> Basin Street Six with Girard & Fountain          Girard, George
> Bay City JB                                      Bay City
> Beale Street Stompers                            Beale Street Stompers
> Bechet, Sidney JB   at Ryan's till Feb 1950.     Bechet, Sidney
> Bell, Graeme JB                                  Bell, Graeme
> Beverly Hills Unlisted JB                        Janis, Conrad
> Blue Blowers                                     Lucas, Johnny
> Boilermakers JB                                  Boilermakers
> Boll Weevil JB                                   Boll Weevil JB
> Brown, Sandy JB                                  Brown, Sandy
> Brunis, George JB                                Brunis, George
> Buckner, Teddy Jazz Band in Los Angeles          Buckner, Teddy
> Castle Jazz Band.                                Castle JB
> Cell Block 7                                     Cell Block 7
> Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin St.         Chamber Music Society
> Chicago Loopers                                  Lavere
> Chicagoans                                       Daily, Pete
> Corb, Morty JB                                   Corb, Morty
> Davenport, Wallace JB                            Davenport, Wallace
> Delta Jazzmen                                    Daniels,Mike
> Dixie Stompers                                   Dixie Stompers
> Dixie Wildcats                                   Dixie Wildcats
> Dixieland Rhythm Kings                           Mayl, Gene
> Dixieland Saints Jazz Band                       Gumpert, Don
> Dixielanders                                     Welsh, Alex
> Dukes of Dixieland (Assuntos)                    Assuntos
> Dutch Swing College Band                         Dutch Swing College Band
> El Dorado JB                                     Leigh, Jim
> Evans, Doc JB                                    Evans, Doc
> Fine, Jack JB at The Cinderella Club             Fine, Jack
> Firehouse Five Plus Two                          Kimball, Ward
> Fountain, Pete JB                                Fountain, Pete
> Frisco JB                                        Scobey, Bob
> Gloom Chasers (Greenville Ave. in Dallas)        Baker, Hal
> Golden State JB                                  Golden State JB
> Happy Jazz Band                                  Cullum, Jim (Sr. & Jr.)
> Hines, Fatha JB (Hangover in Frisco)             Hines, Fatha
> Hirt, Al JB                                      Hirt, Al
> Hodes, Art JB                                    Hodes, Art
> Hunt, Pee Wee JB                                 Hunt, Pee Wee
> Irwin, Pee Wee JB at Nick's                      Irwin, Pee Wee
> Jackson, Franz  Original Jass Allstars.          Jackson, Franz
> Jazz Ltd. Band                                   Ingle, Don
> Jazzmen                                          Colyer, Ken
> Kings of Dixieland                               Matlock, Matty
> Kings of Dixleland (Sharkey Bonano's)            Bonano, Sharkey
> Laurie, Cy JB                                    Laurie, Cy
> Left Bank Bearcats                               Left Bank Bearcats
> Levee Loungers                                   Lamare, Nappy
> Lewis, George JB     at Childs                   Lewis, George
> Lyttelton, Humphrey JB                           Lyttelton, Humphrey
> Manhattan JB                                     Maxted, Billy
> McPartland, Jimmy JB                             McPartland, Jimmy
> Mound City Six                                   Gardner, Sam
> Murphy, Turk JB                                  Murphy, Turk
> Napoleon, Phil JB at Nick's                      Napoleon, Phil
> New New Orleans JB                               De Paris, Wilbur
> Nichols, Red & Five Pennies                      Nichols, Red
> Original Saints and Sinners Jazz Band            Howard, Darnell
> Original Salty Dogs JB                           Original Salty Dogs JB
> Ory, Kid JB (at Beverly Caverns in LA)           Ory, Kid
> Palmer, Singleton  JB                            Palmer, Singleton
> Paramount Jazz Band                              Bilk, Acker
> Parenti, Tony JB                                 Parenti, Tony
> Pecora, Santa JB in N.O.                         Pecora, Santo
> Polecats                                         Oxtot, Dick
> Prima, Louis JB                                  Prima, Louis
> Ragtimers                                        McHargue, Rosy
> River Boat Five                                  River Boat Five
> Rollo, Preacher JB                               Rollo, Preacher
> Saints Jazz Band                                 Saints Jazz Band
> Salt City 6                                      Maheu, Jack (Mayhew?)
> Schnicklefritz JB                                Fisher. Freddie
> Sextette from Hunger                             Skrivanic, Eddie
> Shavers, Charlie JB at the Metropole             Shavers, Charlie
> Smugtown Stompers                                Taylor, Bud
> South Frisco Jazz Band (Huntington Beach, CA)    South Frisco Jazz Band
> Southampton Dixie Racing and Clambake Society Jazz Band
>                                                   Southampton Dixie RCSJB
> Southern Jazz Band                               Silk, Eric
> Southern Stompers                                Lane, Steve
> St Louis Ragtimers                               St. Louis Ragtimers
> State St. Seven                                  O'Brien, Floyd
> Teagarden, Charlie JB (Vegas, Silver Slipper)    Teagarden, Charlie
> Teagarden, Jack JB                               Teagarden, Jack
> Tigertown Five                                   Rubin, Stan
> Vesley's, Ted JB                                 Vesley, Ted
> Village Stompers                                 Village Stompers
> Wettling, George JB                              Wettling, George
> Wilber, Bob JB at Stuyvesant Casino              Wilber, Bob
> Yerba Buena JB                                   Watters, Lu
> Yorkshire Jazz Band                              Yorkshire Jazz Band
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