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Thu Mar 4 14:01:16 PST 2004

What an Opening!!!

I have been converting old my 1950-60's LPs by cleaning them up (minus pops, 
clicks) CDs and manage to get nearly 2 LPs onto one CD.  These are mostly from 
obscure or non-available modern labels.  They really sound better than they 
did on the old hi-fi.  One CD I have created is by the Queen City JB 
(Cinncinnati) on the Toad Label which is paired up with the Gin Bottle 7 (Carl Halen, 
cornet) on the Empirical label.  These were great bands and I can forward the 
complete list of my restored CDs to anyone interested.  They come with copies of 
the original liner notes and the album covers and additional information 
which I have found on many of the bands.  These are available at $12 each plus 
mail.  Anyone collecting old records or who have trashed out their old turntables 
and want to hear the early bands should contact me by email to order.

In scanning Dan Augustine's list, I find many are still available as CD 
releases* (particularly GoodTime Jazz, Jazzology, and GHB so you're better off 
buying these from a major distribution (not to say that I don't have them).  Those 
which I have and am in the process of converting are highlighted in Bold and 
those which I added to the list are italicized.  This is by no means a 
complete list.  I try to avoid copyright infringing, etc.

*All-Stars, Eddie Condon's                        Condon, Eddie
*All-Stars, Louis Armstrong's                     Armstrong, Louis
Alvin, Danny JB                                  Alvin, Danny
Ball, Kenny JB                                   Ball, Kenny
Barbarin, Paul JB                                Barbarin, Paul
Barber, Chris JB                                 Barber, Chris
Barrett, Sweet Emma JB                           Barrett, Emma
Barroom Buzzards (Buffalo, NY)                Paul Preston, clarinet
Basin Street Six with Girard & Fountain          Girard, George
*Bay City JB                                      Bay City
Beale Street Stompers                            Beale Street Stompers
Bear Cats JB (Syracuse)                        Dick Ames
Bechet, Sidney JB   at Ryan's till Feb 1950.     Bechet, Sidney
Bell, Graeme JB                                  Bell, Graeme
Beverly Hills Unlisted JB                        Janis, Conrad
Blue Blowers                                     Lucas, Johnny
Boilermakers JB                                  Boilermakers
Boll Weevil JB                                   Boll Weevil JB
Brown, Sandy JB                                  Brown, Sandy
Brunis, George JB                                Brunis, George
Buckner, Teddy Jazz Band in Los Angeles          Buckner, Teddy
*Castle Jazz Band.                                Castle JB
Cell Block 7                                     Cell Block 7
Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin St.         Chamber Music Society
Chicago Loopers                                  Lavere
Chicagoans                                       Daily, Pete
Corb, Morty JB                                   Corb, Morty
Davenport, Wallace JB                            Davenport, Wallace
Delta Jazzmen                                    Daniels,Mike
Dixie Stompers                                   Dixie Stompers
Dixie Wildcats                                   Dixie Wildcats
Dixieland Rhythm Kings                           Mayl, Gene
Dixieland Saints Jazz Band                       Gumpert, Don
Dixielanders                                     Welsh, Alex
Don Ewell (with various bands)           Don Ewell, piano
Dukes of Dixieland (Assuntos)                    Assuntos
Dutch Swing College Band                         Dutch Swing College Band
El Dorado JB                                     Leigh, Jim
Evans, Doc JB                                    Evans, Doc
Fine, Jack JB at The Cinderella Club             Fine, Jack
*Firehouse Five Plus Two                          Kimball, Ward
Fountain, Pete JB                                Fountain, Pete
*Frisco JB                                        Scobey, Bob
Gin Bottle 7                                      Carl Halen (who also played 
with Gene Mayl on early LPs.)
Gloom Chasers (Greenville Ave. in Dallas)        Baker, Hal
Golden State JB                                  Golden State JB
Happy Jazz Band                                  Cullum, Jim (Sr. & Jr.)
Hines, Fatha JB (Hangover in Frisco)             Hines, Fatha
Hirt, Al JB                                      Hirt, Al
Hodes, Art JB                                    Hodes, Art
Hunt, Pee Wee JB                                 Hunt, Pee Wee
Irwin, Pee Wee JB at Nick's                      Irwin, Pee Wee
Jackson, Franz  Original Jass Allstars.          Jackson, Franz
Jazz Ltd. Band                                   Ingle, Don
Jazzmen                                          Colyer, Ken
Kings of Dixieland                               Matlock, Matty
Knocky Parker (Ragtime and Small bands)  Knocky Parker, piano
Kings of Dixleland (Sharkey Bonano's)            Bonano, Sharkey
Laurie, Cy JB                                    Laurie, Cy
Left Bank Bearcats                               Left Bank Bearcats
Levee Loungers                                   Lamare, Nappy
Lewis, George JB     at Childs                   Lewis, George
*Lyttelton, Humphrey JB                           Lyttelton, Humphrey  : A 
great CD reissue set of 1940's and 1950's 78 RPM records is available from 
JazzJerry on this DJML
Manhattan JB                                     Maxted, Billy
McPartland, Jimmy JB                             McPartland, Jimmy
*Mound City Six                                   Gardner, Sam
Mother's Boys
*Murphy, Turk JB                                  Murphy, Turk
Napoleon, Phil JB at Nick's                      Napoleon, Phil
New New Orleans JB                               De Paris, Wilbur
Nichols, Red & Five Pennies                      Nichols, Red
Original Saints and Sinners Jazz Band            Howard, Darnell
Original Salty Dogs JB                           Original Salty Dogs JB
*Ory, Kid JB (at Beverly Caverns in LA)           Ory, Kid
Palmer, Singleton  JB                            Palmer, Singleton
Paramount Jazz Band                              Bilk, Acker
Parenti, Tony JB (Downtown Boys)                                Parenti, Tony
Pecora, Santa JB in N.O.                         Pecora, Santo
Polecats                                         Oxtot, Dick
Queen City JB (Denver 1960's)
Queen City JB (Cinncinnati 1950's)
Prima, Louis JB                                  Prima, Louis
Ragtimers                                        McHargue, Rosy
Red Onions Jazz Band
River Boat Five                                  River Boat Five
Rollo, Preacher JB                               Rollo, Preacher
Saints Jazz Band                                 Saints Jazz Band
Salt City 6                                      Maheu, Jack 
Schnicklefritz JB                                Fisher. Freddie
Sextette from Hunger                             Skrivanic, Eddie
Shavers, Charlie JB at the Metropole             Shavers, Charlie
Smugtown Stompers                                Taylor, Bud....  Although 
we've been around since 1958, our only released stuff are quite recent CDs.  We 
do have one with our band founder, Bob Fertig, cornet, from the early 1970's.
South Frisco Jazz Band (Huntington Beach, CA)    South Frisco Jazz Band
Southampton Dixie Racing and Clambake Society Jazz Band
                                                  Southampton Dixie RCSJB
Southern Jazz Band                               Silk, Eric
Southern Stompers                                Lane, Steve
St Louis Ragtimers                               St. Louis Ragtimers
State St. Seven                                  O'Brien, Floyd
Teagarden, Charlie JB (Vegas, Silver Slipper)    Teagarden, Charlie
Teagarden, Jack JB                               Teagarden, Jack
Tigertown Five                                   Rubin, Stan
Vesley's, Ted JB                                 Vesley, Ted
Village Stompers                                 Village Stompers
Wettling, George JB                              Wettling, George
Wilber, Bob JB at Stuyvesant Casino              Wilber, Bob
*Yerba Buena JB                                   Watters, Lu
Yorkshire Jazz Band                              Yorkshire Jazz Band


Roy (Bud) Taylor
Smugtown Stompers Jazz Band
Performing Traditional Dixieland Jazz since 1958

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