[Dixielandjazz] Glad to be back!

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Thu Mar 4 19:10:54 PST 2004

Dear friends,
At last!!!
I was reconnected to E-mail yesterday at 12.30pm and have (with the usual
interruptions) read and deleted 766 messages. My inbox was 92% full which
alerted my ISP to send 2 warnings.
Many of the posts in the last 2 days have been the dreaded 'mydoom' attacks
from 'friends', including DJML.
You all know which ones, as most of you seem to have received them.
I have a Mac, so, hopefully, am better off than the Windows users.
This is my first email since the system went down on Tuesday 10 Feb.
The reasons are far too long (and boring) to detail, but it seems that my
Outlook Express inbox and sent boxes were corrupted. Coincidentally, or so
it seems, my modem packed up late the next day.
My ISP (BigPond) has been having its own problems and it was not until
Monday 23 Feb that a man was available to install a new modem which,
fortunately, allowed me access to Internet Explorer.
However, the original OE problem was still there, so I had to wait another 9
days for a Mac expert (at $165/hour) to come and overhaul all my new eMac
programs, defrag and rearrange files and email.
I am now using MS Entourage as the OE corruption could not be isolated and
was dumped.
Which means I now have to relearn a few new things as well.
The upshot is that I have lost all messages received and sent between 12 Nov
2003 (when my new eMac was installed) until 10 Feb 2004 when OE went off
line. Earlier messages seem to be there, but I have yet to check in detail.
So please bear with me if I occasionally request copies of my research bits
sent during that missing period.
The Address Book also seems to been jumbled up, and will need rechecking.
Fortunately, wife Jess appears to have survived my email withdrawal moods.
As has Jedda the dog
In fact I was just starting to get used to not looking for email every few
There have been a few DJML subjects over the last 24 days (seems like a 100)
which would have hooked me and I have kept some which I will reply to
separately over the next few days.
Thanks to mates Anton Crouch, Phil O'Rourke and Tom Wood for alerting you to
my predicament.
Also a big welcome to my Robbers Dogs Jazz Band colleague cltist Jack Wiard.
A modest man who will not tell you much about himself.
I will rectify that very soon.
I also note that me old mate Peter Johnson (a former Robbers Dogs' banjo
player) has signed on as a DJMLer.
Welcome Pete.
Kind regards to all,
Glad to be back.

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