[Dixielandjazz] Selling your band and creating jobs.

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Wed Mar 3 18:10:42 PST 2004

(Polite snip from John Petters response)
Tom's longish post is certainly worth reading. But first the product must
be right. Problem with traditional jazz is that there are many bands (in the
UK at least) who play for very little money in pubs where no admission is
charged. Consequently they cannot justify high fees (realistic fees) for
private work. I have always quoted a realistic price and have often been
undercut by a bunch of scruffy muppetts who can hardly play. This led me to
theatre shows and promotions. Now probably 80 percent of my gigs are
generated by me.

You are absolutely correct John and I agree whole heatedly with your approach 
which certainly mirrors mine.

I posted the article for those bands that have not yet gotten their marketing 
skills together enough yet to do the things your band does and Barbone's and 
mine and a few others that I know about on the DJML.

Some will find it useful and others will not.

Sorry it was so lengthy, but I use these in some seminars and in classes I am 
asked to teach here.  Everything is not necessarily useful to bands outside 
the USA either as the marketplace in every country is different.

Keep swinging

Tom Wiggins

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