[Dixielandjazz] Alvino Rey set in Sacramento

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Wed Mar 3 05:34:22 PST 2004

Hey Bob . . .

I think I remember that tent.  Correct me if I'm wrong. It was one of the 
years when Maxine Sullivan appeared at the Jubilee. I saw her in a tent like 
you describe. It was in Old Sac and It was hotter'n hell!

But the tent wasn't wet down to cool it off. What happened was, the tent was 
pitched on a grassy space next to the Railroad Depot in Old Sacramento. 
Unfortunately, nobody thought to turn off the automatic sprinkler system 
which went ON by itself early in the morning. Naturally everything in the 
tent got soaked.  Talk about humidity . . . sheesh!!  You all were lucky to 
have survived!


Bill Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

ps.  Didn't Rey used to have a gimmick where he could make the guitar "talk" 
by running the vibrations through his mouth (with vibrators under his chin, 
or something) and he would shape the words with his oral cavity, only it 
wasn't his vocal chords doing the vibrating, it was the guitar input.

Or maybe it was somebody else. I do remember the schtick however.  Does that 
ring a bell with any of you?


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>Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 23:19:05 EST
>Alvino Rey did a set with us in Sacramento. It was 115 degrees, in a tent
>which they had wet the sides down thinking that it would cool it down. You 
>imagine what it did to the humidity! Alvino was playing steel guitar so we 
>played quite a few tunes in E and A. I asked him what he wouild like to do 
>a finale. He called the finale from the "Grand Canyon Suite" in the key of 
>Happily there was a lot of thunder from the guitar so the audience didn't 
>how many missed changes there were.
>Bob Finch
>Chicago Six
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