[Dixielandjazz] Alvino Rey / Tiger Rag

Paul Reid whadayesay at webtv.net
Tue Mar 2 15:37:41 PST 2004

       I haven't seen any mention yet of Alvino Rey's classic Bluebird
recording of Tiger Rag, with the King Sisters. It was later recorded
with practically the same format, words, et;al, by Les Paul and Mary
Ford, in the 50's. A great tribute to Alvino and Sisters, King, by Les
and Mary.
        Another interesting tid-bit; Alvino's Blubird recording of
Nighty-Night, was re-recorded later on while he was contracted with
Capitol Records in the later "40's". That was previous to Lp's and 45's,
in the 78 days, long before Ira Ironstrings on Warner Bros..
      And, THAT brings to mind Buddy Rich drumming for Harry James
during Harry's Capitol Record days. Due to previous recording contract
commitments, Buddy appeared, with Harry on record's, under the name of
Buddy Poor.


"Uncle" Paul (Don't call me Leonard Feather) Reid

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