[Dixielandjazz] 10 POINTS FROM JACK W.

jack wiard jack_wiard at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 2 17:58:56 PST 2004

Hi gang,  1..a thank you to those who pointed me in the right direction 
about HTML.Hotmail gave precise instruc. to turn it off.Thanks also for the 
E.M. about Vince Cattolica.  2....I'veread lots of D.L.M.L. emails over the 
past four weeks and some are soooooooo long.I've worn out a mouse scrolling 
through some of them!May I suggest telephone book sized emails go direct to 
the person who asked for imfo. and a much shorter comment for the list at 
large.As an ex-high school music teacher, believe me,brievity works,keeps 
the eyes unglaised, and the jest of comment is more likely to be retained. 
Why use 100 words when 20 will do? Of course,there is always the delete 
button,which some of you may be using now.  3......Writing to the D.L.M.L. 
once a day is fine ...but 4...5 times...I say unto you.....you've watched 
too much Columbo!.....4..... Bill Haesler will be back on line tomorow, he 
thinksA $160. p/h computer geek is fixing his modem. That sounds 
painful......5.....Lots of nice, knowledgable people on the D.L.M.l. Pat 
Ladd & wife [from U.K.] came into my reg. Sun. job at the Fortune of War 
Hotel.....6....I was in New Orleans in June 02 and heard Pete Fountain twice 
at the Hilton  Hotel. I heard he left there after 23 years. Any imfo. where 
he plays now?.....7.....Former list member Eric Holroyd Sends his regards to 
his list friends.....8....   my most interesting job recently was playing on 
a 13 hr. sight-seeing flt. over Antarctica with Qantas.I'll bet some of you 
can beat that. Let's hear about it.....9.....Tunes I've learned & recorded 
recently:  Five Point Blues, My Inspiration,Jubilee,& Stealin, Apples. Do 
any other list members play any of these great tunes?....10...This email is 
now getting into the too long catergory. My apologies to any glazed eyes out 
there. Jack from Oz.                                             i

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