[Dixielandjazz] AF of M Official Charged With Embezzling $400, 000

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RE: Union embezzeler
Well, he took it in large chunks. Smaller locals and union reps have long
done it the old fashioned way. A hundred here, a fifty there, and pretty
soon we're talking real money...but so slowly it gets through the cracks.
There has never been a thorough audit of most locals that weren't handled by
user friendly CPA's. A few have been caught, but the leak of membership
money has been a long time drain on the monies due to the producers of the
music that creates royalties. The biggest rip -- many members of many locals
have noted that the perfomance trust fund jobs go most often to chums of the
union leaders, and in some locals a high number go to officials of the
union. Here in West Michigan, some reports showed up to a third of the trust
fund gigs going to a small number, and the main ones listed were also
higher-up officers.
No wonder the union is going the way of the dinosaur.
I retired in good standing and work when and where I want these days. I paid
my dues, litteraly, for over 50 years. Now I keep it all!
Fr. Don the Wise

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