[Dixielandjazz] Armstrong imitations Revisited Again

Robert Newman bobngaye at surewest.net
Thu Jul 29 13:43:40 PDT 2004

Yeah, Butch -- Peanuts Hucko used to do a Louis Armstrong vocal
impersonation, also.

But for a laugh listen to Lenny Bruce's Interviews of Our Times LP.  One of
the tracks, called Father Flotsky's Triumph has the convict shouting
YadaYadaYada, Wahden and the Warden shouts All right, Dutch, enough of those
Louis Armstrong impressions!

Bob Newman

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> First, he was (as most of us know) the most influential of all jazz
> he invented it and that's irrefutable.
> Now -- who has imitated his singing without making me cringe?  Off the top
> of my head, I nominate Ethel Waters and Ella Fitzgerald.  Ms. Waters does
> uncanny tribute/imitation on I Can't Give You Anything But Love; Ella
> do a wonderful, affectionate Louis scat thing at the drop of a hat.
> Anybody else?
> Butch Thompson
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