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Thu Jul 29 12:50:10 PDT 2004

I'd say he's half-right.
Sugar Blues was popular in the '40's...maybe the '30's. It's a real crowd
pleaser, and although I'm not crazy about it, this week I've been performing
it in my wife's assemblys she's putting on for  recruiting new band members
at her schools, and just 30 minutes ago she came home and told me she is
signing up a BUNCH of cornet players. They love the mutes I play for them.
She usually has advanced 6th grade(2nd year)cornet players demo, but she
could get any this year, so she bribed me into doing it!
A Harmon mute works great...sounds like a baby crying for some sugar.
It was the very first tune I learned from a record (78 RPM) in 1948...
I never have perfected the "hiccup" he does! Not sure but I think he sucks
backwards into the mouthpiece, sortof like George Rock did in the Spike
Jones band.(A great trumpet player by-the-way!)
I also play a Solotone mute for them...a little bit of "The Toy Trumpet".
For my open-horn tune, I play Stardust...they've never heard those tunes
before, but so what? NOW they have! :~)
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> Trumpet players: I'm working with a trumpet guy who hates  Clyde McCoy's
> Sugar Blues BECAUSE it is bad form--or a bad use of a plunger mute
(whatever that
> is) and hence not worth trying to imitate. I rather liked it and  it was
> quite a hit in the 50s, as I recall. What's your take on this? Is he
> right? Half right? Or what?
> Dan (piano fingers)  Spink
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