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For a sample of some really great Christian/spiritual/sacred music, listen
to Monty Alexander's CD entitled "THE RIVER".  Monty plays a blend of jazz,
blues, and gospel sounds that you just have to like. What a player he is!
Pat Cooke

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> Paul Edgerton said :
> "Right here in Northern California we have a Christian Jazz musician of
>  highest caliber, a pianist cut from the same cloth as Oscar Peterson. He
>  plays lots of churches, presents home concerts featuring guest artists
>  even slums with the Dixieland crowd if he's available.
>  His name is Jim Martinez, and he is a treasure."
> Amen to that. Jim is not only a terrific world-class modern pianist a la
> Peterson, he can play great stride too. Some years ago he asked me to
> transcribe Waller's recording of Handful Of Keys for a CD he (Jim) was
> making - when the CD came out his rendition was truly astonishing.
> Shortly afterwards he contacted me again to score some religious jazz
> he had written, however it didn't come to anything. Okay, so the guy's got
> religion bigtime but so what? That is his thing and he doesn't ram it down
> everybody's throat.
> Catch him if you can - I guarantee that his piano playing will blow you
> away.
> John Farrell
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