[Dixielandjazz] Venues was Christian Music

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 28 18:35:42 PDT 2004

Paul Edgerton commented on playing in Churches. Yeah. Great venues. Many 
Christian Churches in the Philadelphia area have jazz vespers and/or 
concerts associated with Church activities. Barbone Street does a 
bunch.. In the past 12 months, Old Pine Street Church, Philadelphia, 
Unionville Presbyterian, 2 at St. Michael Lutheran, 2 at Haddonfield 
Presbyterian, Artman Lutheran, Haddonfield Unitarian, and Church of the 
Loving Shepherd. And we are barely scratching the surface.

Not all band members are practicing Christians. Even did two with a 
Muslim guitarist originally from Afghanistan. Makes no difference to the 
church hierarchy or congregation. (unless it is one of those weird 
churches that preaches hatred of non-Christians) ;-) VBG 

Tom Wiggins worried about insurance as a problem with concerts in the 
Park. No problem here. Almost every park has summer music concerts and 
they love them. Must be 50 to 100 parks in the Philadelphia 5 county 
metro area each sponsoring music 4 to 20 nights over the summer. All 
paying gigs, all enthusiastic audiences from 200 to 5000 and all much 
fun. We do a bunch of these also and Dixieland is very well received as 
the applause, our CD sales and our annual rebooking confirm. Check out 
YOUR local area. This is where the people are on summer nights and your 
band will deliver better music than most of those playing there. (The 
Navy Commodores and the Air Force Jazz Band do a bunch of them here also)

Steve Barbone

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