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I have to tell you, I have been an XM (Satellite Radio) subscriber for
several months now and it's wonderful.  If you want to listen to the
homogenous crap you get on the FM dial (read: ClearChannel) you can go to
the one or two stations that play it - otherwise there are over 100 stations
that dedicate themselves to any number of musical styles (e.g., Blues, Jazz,
40s, 50s, 60s, Bluegrass, World Beat) as well as news and talk.  The music
stations have no commercials, which is nice.

There is not much OKOM, but listmate Dave Robinson runs a very nice New
Orleans show on Friday nights on the Jazz station - and it's the best OKOM
radio show I've heard.  Dave, you are doing a terrific job with that show.

I do like to listen to a wide variety of music, and with XM, I can immerse
myself in any number of styles without having to listen to the crap that is
spoon fed from ClearChannel and the like (though it's mostly ClearChannel
now, as Tom says).  There actually IS some pretty interesting stuff going on
out there.  You would never know it by listening to conventional radio.

- Bob

P.S.  I don't own any stock in XM, although it is being sold.  I will
probably wait until its price peaks if I know me.

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Now you know where we got SMOOTH JAZZ, and what is worse is that Big 
Entertainment Corporations like Clear Channel who owns most of the radio
stations and 
live concert venues in the world are force feeding it to the public on their

radio channels and now even in live concerts inthe parks and public places 
where they are selling the concert series to the Shopping Malls as part of
advertising package.


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