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> Also sounds as if the critic had his head up his, well, YKW...
> As Bill Allred once said, "I've been around the world &never seen a statue
> of a critic."
> --Bob
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Well I was just the messenger folks, you all know how much I love Critics,   
"So much I am going to start writing my own Reviews and critiques, certainly 
could not get any worse than the ones some of them write, that sound like they 
were at a completely different event, which some of them are.

Witht he advent of the computer and a scanner and a printer, if one chose, 
one could copy cut and past and insert and delete anythingone wanted to form a 
snide critic, use the famous ... and forward it on putting your good foot or 
best foot forward.   It's done every day in the nespapers and magazines.   The 
fun part it to do it and send it back to the jackass who wrote it in the first 
place and tell em to sue you you need the publicity.  :)

Diana is in good company, Linda Rondstadt is taking some heat these days as 
well, and unfortunately it has nothing to do with her performances, seems like 
Politics and music don't mix well unless you say exactly what the Politicians 
want you to say.   Free speech tends to go out the window for everyone else in 
an election year particularly.


Tom Wiggins

Musical Content:

"Don't Believe That Man" ( that says I wanna be your President)
 Written by Oliver Letz, produced by me still unreleased.
 Great Election campaign song, says it all.

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