[Dixielandjazz] Re:Bobby Scann - Trombonist was bass solos

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 24 05:43:49 PDT 2004

Jeanne Brei wrote: (after I mentioned I had a trombonist from Las Vegas (her
home)  sit-in at an Ice Cream Festival Gig locally here in Eastern PA)

> Hey Stephen,
>    Thanks for the reply -- yes, I've sung with Bobby Scann (that is who you
> mean right? he's a high school music teacher, wonderful trombonist and a
> great guy -- and he can read and play anything -- whenever headliners come
> to Vegas, he's usually in the band behind them (ie, Don Rickles, Steve &
> Eydie, etc.) and when I was sitting in with him -- he was playing Dixieland
> at the (currently closed) Showboat Casino with Bobby Morris's band (Steve
> Johnson on sax, Billy Stevenson on piano, etc.)

Yeah, that's him Bob Scann. Looks like a cross between Louis Prima & Tony
Bennett. Very cheerful guy and a solid player. We met his sister who lives here
at a couple of street festivals here a year ago. She dresses up as a clown and
entertains the kids, etc. She mentioned a brother, Bobby in Vegas and said he
would be visiting PA in 2004, and mentioned how much he would enjoy our
trombonist, Gelnn Dodson.

Bobby called me three weeks before he came here, and asked for Glenn's phone
number because he wanted to take a lesson or two from Glenn while he was in
town. Glenn is a much sought after trombone teacher, worldwide, whose students
include the principal trombonists of the NY Philharmonic, San Francisco
Symphony etc. Since Bob was bringing his horn, I asked him to come sit in. He
brought his "Eastern" relatives along to see him play. Everybody loved it.

Ask him what he thought of Barbone Street when you next see him.

Is this a great list or what? People from all over find connections. If you
come East, come sing with us.

Steve Barbone

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