[Dixielandjazz] Who can spot the flaw in this story?

Ken Barnes leveller at cox-internet.com
Fri Jul 23 17:59:25 PDT 2004

A few final (off-topic) comments...

<<<Unconfirmed rumours abound that Abraham Lincoln even made a recording 
 during the Civil War in 1863.>>>

Yes, I read that *after* I had posted and I confess to a momentary and
embarrrassed double-take:  

Oops! *Was* there some possibility an earlier process had pre-dated Edison's? 

But, mmm .... Having read an awful lot about the Civil War era and Abraham 
Lincoln -- including primary sources -- I had never heard of such nor even of
the rumor. 

Still,  if the reporter, Maggie Shiels, has heard the rumor, it at least gets her off the hook
as to being a complete ditz where history is concerned. And it *is* a very interesting

Also (somehow this seems related), I confess to having been flabbergasted in 
recent years to see moving-picture clips of troops in the Spanish-American War and
 photographs (daguerrotypes) from the 1840s of American troops encamped on
the Rio Grande just  prior to the Mexican war -- and, oh, yeah, one  of Mrs. James 
(Dolly) Madison in her later years. 

It points up what amazing times these last two centuries have been, and makes 
me wish recording and photography HAD each been developed just a dozen years 
or so earlier. 

What momentous things -- and people -- we just missed being able to see
and hear....  

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