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Fri Jul 23 11:06:29 PDT 2004

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> All the ill-informed cheap humor at the expense of bass players ignores the
> playing of men like Pops Foster, Wellman Braud, Arvell Shaw and many many
> more. How sad you all sound. Brian Harvey

Aw comon' Brian it is a much more active Friday morning on the DJML than I 
have seen  in months mate, could be a bit of humor and poking fun at the NON- 
Playing Bass Owners, is just what we needed to get you Lurkers motivated to 
contribute something substantial to the conversation.   It has already brought out 
some fine examples of Bass and Tuba players getting some recognition and 
certainly respectful comments.

Besides, I don't ever do cheap (albeit perhaps ill-informed humor) I have 
spent every Dollar I ever made as a musician (Both of them) trying to perfect my 
sense of humor, it is working very well too, why just last month I laughed 
away every Dollar I made last year. :))

Thanks for the above mentioned Bass players who will more than likely start 
to get some respect int he following posts.

Cheers and it's good to hear from you even if you are being pithy, :))

Tom Wiggins

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