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> Steve...
>    There used to be a bass player(?) here in New Orleans who had a band.
> The guy knew absolutely nothing about the instrument, in fact had no musical
> training whatsoever.  He was good at booking jobs...he really hustled.  He
> looked through the wedding notices and called and/or wrote to them.
>   The thing is, he did everything with the bass except play it.  He spun
> it around, laid it down and rode it like a horse, all the time slapping the
> strings.
>    What's truly amazing is people would come away saying, "He's the best
> bass player I ever heard in my life!"
>    Pat Cooke

Hi Pat:

That's the kind I was talking about in my reply to Rebbeca Thompson, now if 
they can actually play it as well they can and often do get very popular, but 
to real Bass players they probably really turn you guys off.

That just makes them Entertainers, not musicians,  maybe an Entertainer who 
uses a Bass for an acting Prop,   If  he gets the jobs however and pays the 
Real players more power to him.  Beats sitting around waiting for the old yellow 
gig bus to drive by. :)

Before I became a drummer, I used to want to do exactly that with an upright 
Bass, but did not have one and had nobody to teach me how to play it either.


Tom Wiggins

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