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> Which leads me to ask the question.  Why are bass players given a solo?  Is
> it just for their ego?  Or just a way to give the other players a rest?
> Seems no one really appreciates them... 
> I LOVE the bass line when played with other players.  BUT solo?  Very
> seldom.
> Rebecca Thompson
> Flower Mound, TX

In the hands of a great Bass Player entertainer a Solo can be awesome and 
very entertaining, provided it si short and hot, especially if he /she has show 
styles, face grimaces, and body language that speaks as they attack the Bass.  

Works particularly well witht he upright Slap Bass players, some of them in 
Rock a Billy Bands are quite entertaining, and very visual and exciting to 

You get out of this show business  more or less what you put into it.

However I can assure you that the rest of the musicians in the band usually 
do appreciate the good Bass player more than they will usually admit, at least 
in his presence, :))

Bass Players are like the other Non- musicians Drummers  and Rodney 
"They Get No Respect" 


Tom Wiggins

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