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Learned to drink Scotch instead of Bourbon early in my musical life because
Bourbon was ruining my stomach. The wise and wonderful jazzers at Condon's
joint taught me that Scotch was much kinder. (Dewars and/or J&B back then)

Later on, as the quantity imbibed decreased, I discovered single malts.

Musical content: "Teach Me Tonight".


Don Ingle wrote:

> Cardhu? Aberlour? MacAllan? Talisker? Spey, Islay, or what? As a Scotsman, I
> seek inspiration in such company often -- though at the end of the day --
> not the middle. Otherwise I'd not know when day ends. As a wise sage, W.C.
> Fields, once said...
> "A man must have something to believe in. I'll believe I'll have another
> drink!"
> Slainte, laddy, and may ye enjoy a wee doch 'n dorris.
> Don Ingle (as as an ancestor would have spelled it, Aingael.
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> > > Wow! this may be the most interesting thing you've had to say this whole
> > > week. Where do you get your inspiration?<G>
> > > Don

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