[Dixielandjazz] Chords and all that

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 20 12:40:00 PDT 2004

> "David W. Littlefield" <dwlit at cpcug.org>
> Second Line chords are distinguished from Bill Bailey by a diminished in
> bar 10--my book has the tune in F, so the chord is Cdim. That makes it a
> bit more interesting.

Shoot, we use that substitution in Bill Bailey and all them artsy fartsy literati
purists out there tell me that's a no-no. But we figure, anything goes to make Bill
Bailey, or any of the 50+ other tunes with that exact progression, or close to it, "a
bit more interesting". Regarding the original thread. If one learns the Bill Bailey
changes, one can play 52 or so, songs. That's enough for a booking or two.

A horn playing buddy of mine did a July 4th parade with two inexperienced rhythm guys
and so they played Bill Bailey and related songs (Wash & Lee, Tiger Rag, Just Because,
Bourbon St. Parade, et al ;plus Saints for the entire mile and a half parade route. And
he leads an "Art Form" Dixieland Band. Now that's an example of musical HELL and a good
reason not to do parades.

Cheers & :-) VBG
Steve Barbone

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