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John Farrell stridepiano at tesco.net
Tue Jul 20 11:01:43 PDT 2004

Electronic pianos are the answer to this question. Ignore the howls of
purist protest, most of the big manufacturers are now marketing instruments
which produce a totally convincing piano sound right across the 88 note
spectrum - I know because I just bought one.

Everything on it is adjustable - volume, pitch, timbre, choice of piano
sounds etc. etc. It even plays midi files. The model I have (Yamaha CLP-170)
is not transportable but I know that other keyboards with the same bells and
whistles are available which can be carried around to gigs and set up in a
few minutes.

All you need is money.

John Farrell

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> Listmates, and especially John Ferrell across the pond: I  read more than
> thought could be written about clarinet mutes, and horn mutes,  but I
> once saw even a mention of the piano mute. I don't mean, a mute  piano
> which is a secret wish of many band members I've noticed. No, I  mean a
> for muting the instrument that can be transported easily from job  to job.
> anyone have any information on where I can buy one?
> Dan (piano fingers)  Spink
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