[Dixielandjazz] Singing the Blues

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 19 15:43:10 PDT 2004

> "Bill Gunter" <jazzboard at hotmail.com> wrote (polite snip)
> It's my thesis that the "blues" can really only be sung by a certain type of
> individual. And that individual is certainly NOT a 65 year old white dude
> dressed in Dockers and a knit polo shirt with a band logo emblazoned on the
> front all topped off with a nice new pair of clean white tennis shoes. More
> than likely the singer is retired from his day gig as a school teacher or
> tax accountant and while he may have a nice singing voice and be "well read"
> and "worldly" in his personal life he is, nevertheless, like me, totally
> incapable of singin' the blues.

Yes, right on. You cannot have, or sing the blues if:

1) Your name is Biff, Buffy, Tuck,, Tab or Muffy.

2) You have a trust fund in your name.

3) You are a "Boondocker".

4) You summer in Newport RI and winter in Palm Beach FL.

5) Your baby gave you a drink of Perrier when you woke up this mornin.


You can sing the blues if:

1) Your name includes a disability and a fruit. eg Blind Lemon.

2) Your baby gave you a drink of gasoline when you woke up this mornin.

3) You live in a hollow log and/or drink muddy water.

4) You are flat broke.

5) You are in the St Gabriel's Celestial Band.


Steve Barbone

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