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Ah -- the marvelous sound of the Trombone low note as heard in many Spike
Jones recordings.
I knew fur of the trombone players that Spike used during my father's tenure
with that crew of musical zanies. I heard several versions of how each
described the sound of the fonk.
John Stanley and King Jackson were the first two of these trombonists, one
described it as play a lower note while belching at the same time. A second
description was playing the low note and puking at the same time. Many of
the early Jones band members -- the band that drank along with the leader
until the leader decided to become a non-drinker -- were able to do this and
not just on trombones. Chick Daugherty, the last of the trombonists on the
band was perhaps the best of the lot at playing the fonk...perhaps by now I
should capitalize it as The Fonk. Chick could not only get the true Fonk
sound, but added a little to the sound that suggested a very wet fart
combine with a juicy raspberry.
By whatever every description, the Fonk is a unique sound that not all bone
players have mastered. But at Logan last month I heard Maestro Maihack
produce the Fonk several times an new I was in the presence of a true Fonker
of a Jonesian rank. That is why I brought it up in a post to Mien Herr
Gunter deer tummy rubber.
I hope that clears up any remaining mystery. However, you will have to ask
Mr. Maihack what technique he uses to achieve his own Fonk.
To all the rest of the wannabe trombonists in search of a good Fonk, good
Don ingle
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The only definition of 'fonk' that I know is in R.J.G. Dutton's 'Speedword
Dictionary' where the root word is 'fon' and the suffix -k means quality.
fon = origin, source
and fon-k (usually written 'fonk') = original
but I doubt that Don Ingle used it in that sense.


Bob Smith
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