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Tom Duncan tduncan at bellatlantic.net
Fri Jul 16 09:30:53 PDT 2004

Richard Stevens writes on Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 07:06:31 (snip)
Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Insurance

. . . We keep those gigs through our good luck in filling the venues with
diners, dancers and
drinkers on quiet nights, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This makes a lot
of MONEY for the venues. That's how they pay their insurance!
Just for interest sake how many list mates have regular weeknight
residencies? That’s when venues need a band!
Do you know how many meals were served at your gigs? What was the bar take
last night? Does your venue charge admission? . . . .

All very good points, Richard. In the suburbs, most folks tend to "go out"
on Friday or Saturday and music on the week nights could help a venue to
draw diners or imbibers.

Tex Wyndham wrote in one of his columns reprinted in The Mississippi Rag (or
American Rag?) about the multiple that a restaurant/bar's take had to be
over the band fee in order to cover the costs. I believe it was either three
or four times. In other words, if the entertainment wants $1,000, the venue
needs to take in either $3,000 (or 4,000) in covers and/or admittance
charges to meet their nut. Can anyone confirm these numbers or elaborate on
this issue. If a band can show that they can draw, let's say, 100 diners and
patrons a night at about $30 - 40 per head, that gives them a talking point
in setting a reasonable fee.

Looking forward to hearing about other band's experiences or thoughts on

Tom Duncan

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