[Dixielandjazz] Lampshades and clarinets?

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> Bill Oakley said :
> >Last night on TMC they ran a one reeler of the Hal Kemp Orchestra.  During
> >one particular tune the camera panned to the clarinet section and lo,
> they
> >had what looked like lamp shades on their clarinets.  Anyone care to
> >elucidate on this?
> Maybe they were playing some light music?
> John Farrell
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Well since nobody seems to have a real answer, maybe they were using them for 
a megaphone effect and or trying to channel the sound into a  specific 
direction rather than have the clarinets bleed off into the mix of everything else.  
 Or maybe the Trombones sitting behind them had an aversion to hearing 
Clarinets. :))


Tom Wiggins

Now watch the guy who really knows the answer come out with it and make my 
summation look awfully foolish. :))   It probably did not last very long in 
practice because the Union probably made a rule against using Lampshades without 
gettting doubling pay . :))

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