[Dixielandjazz] LONDON (July 13) - All you need is luck.

ross anderson rossanmjband at iprimus.com.au
Tue Jul 13 20:51:24 PDT 2004

G`day Tom and all list mates!!
The story is big news "down here" , the flea market is about 30 miles south
west of Melbourne . I don`t get to that area , but it would be a tourist
thing to do ??
I just wonder did the guy pay the $50 before he opened the case??
> Fraser Claughton, 41, from Tinkerton, England, found the suitcase in a
> town outside of Melbourne, The Times said. Realizing the suitcase was not
> empty, he bought it for about $36.($50ausd)

Best wishes to all and happy hunting for old suit cases .
This guy was lucky ,but I suggest you open the case before purchase " One
never know what can be inside do one"????
Ross Anderson ,(N.M.J.B.)
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