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>    You see what i'm trying to get at?  I'm not concerned with the 
> labels per se for the song-styles, but the different kinds of mood 
> (major/minor), rhythm (Latin, march, dirge, dance), subject-matter, 
> associations that the audience has with them.  Playing such differing 
> styles creates a lot of enjoyable listening for an audience, and 
> perhaps in our set-lists we don't think enough about using different 
> song-styles to add more interest to our music.
Yes in many bands cases you are absolutely correct Dan, whicih is why people 
get bored with them often and develop a bad taste for Dixieland, going away 
thinking that it all sounds the same.    Repertoire Versatility is the key to 
the success of almost any musical act no matter the genre, at least in my 


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

P.S. thanks for the plug and the inclusion inthat fine list of groups, glad 
you like our version of Iko Iko,  me too I could play that tune all day and 
sometimes we get so many request for it that it seems like we do.  :))

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