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> Hey Wiggins, maybe we should incorporate some "Vomit art" into our
> music? ;-) VBG Note, as quoted below, about all this sex and violence:
> "But it could also be that shock treatment is just what's needed to jolt
> some outmoded art forms back to life."
> Wonder if anyone would pay to see us frontally nude, or simulating sex
> with the nude fat lady (chick singer)? :-) VBG
> Wonder if we could organize a jazz cruise to Hamburg, a trip down the
> Reeperbahn, then on to Berlin for the new vomit music edition of
> Bierto's Madame Butterfly premiering there in 2005? Hell yes, probably
> could fill several ships, trains, planes. Write Wiggins Jazz Cruises off
> list if you are interested. Should be a "swinging" event.
> .
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

Finally got around to this one:   Yep, sign up now folks the cruise will sell 
out fast, I am already getting checks in the mail and have not even given out 
my address yet, :))

Finally an Opera I might buy a ticket to,  for the Fat Lady scene and the 
Frontal Nudity, I like the visual arts, I would probably get up and go to the 
men's room during the violence scenes, I'm not into that sadistic stuff, there is 
more than enough of it on the news channels every night.    Now that part 
about the life in the Turkish Harem,  I coiuld deal with that, having been there 
and walked through a couple of those Sultan's Harem quarters, I could 
definitely live like that, ( Although like most Sultans not very long) :))

And yes Steve they will pay to see us in Frontal Nudity, I set up a photo 
shoot for Barbone Street with The National Enquirer, and another for AARP 
magazine, however they insist that you guys wear the straw hats and striped vests, 
then the Supermarket  censors won't complain and have them pulled from the 


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