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Yes, of course it is indeed wise to protect or at least try to protect 
yourself, however the case with many people is they simply can't afford to pay for 
the protection because they need the money for the necessities of life like 
housing, food, transportation etc. and many of them (Millions do not even have 
health insurance much less liability insurance and many also do not even have 
auto insurance.)

Unfortunately in our society they have not yet legislated a law against the 
freedom to be stupid, unless of course liability insurance is their answer to 
that situation.

That Rhode Island Tragedy was terrible to say the least and the worse case 
scenario, however it was totally preventable by any one link in that chain of 
associates involved with the event by using just one iota of common sense.

It never ceases to amaze me that folks in this day and age can still manage 
to get away with such gross stupidity and negligence at all those levels and 
layers of folks who should have been smart enough to stop that from ever 

The same thing applies to those tragedies in Chicago, where they chained the 
exit doors closed which caused 100s of patrons to burn to death in a fire 
there about a year before Rhode Islands fire.

Your right Steve EVERYBODY PAYS, and in the end we all pay in higher premiums 
and forced purchases of liability for things we would never do or be part of 
but that yet might be perpetrated by the stupidity and greed and or negligence 
and lack of responsibility of others.

There oughta be a Law,    there is, just nobody bothers to read them till 
it's too late.

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