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> My suggestion, do your live recording properly, with good recording
> equipment and professional help.  Do your post production work, which is
> essential to a good recording.  And, sell your produced recording at later
> gigs.  

Good input Jim as usual:

I would suggest a process of recording all the shows live and if you are 
touring and playing the same show every time for the tour you can easily after the 
first couple of shows edit out a bad take and replace it with a better one.   
Now you can even have your sleeves or printed inserts printed ahead of the 
tour to include the information for each performance and city of the tour quite 

Yes this might be taking a bit of a liberty on the actual selling of the 
actual live recording of the moment, but if the shows are all the same nobody will 
know or even care, and yes fading out the applause and bringing in the next 
song breaks up the monotony of applause.

This can also be better controled if the act remembers to keep the show 
moving at a fast pace and not milk the audience for long applause between songs, 
however these things need to be thought out and  planned out well in advacne of 
the tour to make it work better for all involved.   The actual introduction to 
the audience can be edited into each nights Live show as well,   as in Hello 
Madrid we are so happy to see so many of you great music lovers come out to 
hear us perfom tonight, we are recording the cvoncert live and will have CDs 
available right after the show. Launch into the show  sign off at the 
end of the show again with something to the same effect,  Thank you Madrid, 
your the greatest audience in the world...

NOw not all acts can pull this off, because they do not all have great 
speakers or personalities comfortable with talking to the public, but if you don't 
have such people inyour act maybe you haveno business doing a live recording 
anyway, better to keep it in a studio controlled setting.

I am heading off right now to do a Live Recording of a very Hot Black Gospel 
Ensemble in a church with an excellent mobile truck and engineers.


Tom Wiggins

> There's no replacement for playing professionally, and no replacement for
> recording professionally, either.  Or, I should say, the replacement for
> both will be amateur.
> (I'm not terribly sure that those last two sentences explain my thoughts
> well enough [I'm NOT a professional writer!], but I hope my meaning will be
> extracted from my thoughts there.)   :>
> Jim

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