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> Hooray for live CDs sold right after the performance. Hopefully they will 
> get
> the costs down to a manageable size so that OKOM jazz Festivals can have CDs
> available to audiences. Though they may not sell as well to OKOM fans as 
> that
> 20 to 50% of attendees, figure quoted below, at rock concerts.
> Those of us who, produce and sell our own CDs enjoy that profit margin in 
> the
> article once we hit break even. (100 to 200 CDs sold)
> No doubt in the future, you'll be able to burn a CD of the music at a 
> wedding,
> or other small musical event etc., on the spot. Gee whiz, how will ASCAP and
> BMI handle that? ;-)
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

I have always seen sales at well attended shows for good acts sell on average 
20 to 30% of the paid audience a Cassette, Record or CD if they had them 
available aafter a gig.

This is why I ony represent acts that have product to sell, the money for the 
acts is int he merchandise if they get it together.

I have promoted Rock acts that sold $270,000.00 worth of CDs & T-Shirts, 
Caps, pins etc. at three sold out shows in the Los Angeles Forum.   Now Multiply 
that over a thirty city tour  and your talking about some serious profits, even 
minus the cut for the venue %.

As for doing it for OKOM festivals, it is cost manageable but someone will 
have to make an intitial investment of approximately $20,000.00 to getr the 
portable equipment to do it in professional quality and reasonable quantity 


Tom Wiggins

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