[Dixielandjazz] Re: The worm turns - at long last

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 10 06:55:13 PDT 2004

Hooray for live CDs sold right after the performance. Hopefully they will get
the costs down to a manageable size so that OKOM jazz Festivals can have CDs
available to audiences. Though they may not sell as well to OKOM fans as that
20 to 50% of attendees, figure quoted below, at rock concerts.

Those of us who, produce and sell our own CDs enjoy that profit margin in the
article once we hit break even. (100 to 200 CDs sold)

No doubt in the future, you'll be able to burn a CD of the music at a wedding,
or other small musical event etc., on the spot. Gee whiz, how will ASCAP and
BMI handle that? ;-)

Steve Barbone

Bill Haesler wrote: (polite snip)

> I can already hear the howls of pain from the big record companies'
> over-paid executives and the music industry vultures, all trying to protect
> their lucrative jobs and justifying the losses to their poor shareholders.
> For once it looks like the artists will get the major share of  some CD
> sales. (SEE BELOW)
> Grab CD of concert on your way out.
> By Bernard Zuel  (snip)
> Tested on several tours in the past year and very publicly trialled in the
> May reformation tour of 1980s cult band the Pixies, the use of new
> technology to record concerts and burn CDs that can be sold to departing
> concert-goers is going mainstream.
> This week the communications and entertainment conglomerate Clear Channel
> announced it had signed major-label acts such as folk/pop singer Jewel and
> veteran glam-rock band Kiss to Instant Live, a program making recordings
> available at venues "roughly five minutes" after the concerts end.
> If the figures from the Pixies shows are any indication, between 20 and 50
> per cent of fans will buy a live recording of the concert they have just
> attended.
> Using a rival system, Disc Live, the Pixies (never a big drawing act in the
> league of Kiss or Jewel) sold 16,000 copies of their live gigs in a
> month-long tour.
> The profit figures already look rosy with some estimates that artists could
> clear $10 to $15 from each CD sold.

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