[Dixielandjazz] Bolero

John Farrell stridepiano at tesco.net
Fri Jul 9 11:41:23 PDT 2004

I once heard an Italian Rock-Indie band - Giuseppe's Carbonaro
Syncopatorios - play a tango version of this tune which they called "Ravel's
Spag Bolero".  At the final key-change climax a large bowl of steaming
spaghetti was emptied into the bell of the sousaphone just as the
unfortunate player hit his "High Society" clarinet solo quote. The things
some bands do for money (take note of this Barbone and Wiggins - it could be
a winner for you!)

And now for my third (because the wife isn't looking) single malt - cheers
to you all.

John Farrell

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Frank Zappa's band did a great version of Ravel's Bolero in the late
1980s - it was on the CD "The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life."

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