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> Tom;
> At most of the Southern California Jazz Societies, musicians who show up to
> play (outside of the scheduled band or musicians) are considered guests and
> can enjoy the music free of charge. The musicians who do show up are
> assembled into sets and play for the audience. Since no one knows who's
> going to show it's difficult to advertise their names. However, each
> musician who plays is announced.
> Stan
> Stan Brager

Thanks Stan:

I guess I should have added another line to my comment, What I meant to refer 
to was the musicians who are often special guests performers but do not get 
adequate recognition, and if not promoted have no real draw power for the event 
or the artist.

Sometimes I shoot off on a subject in a hurry and get my foot in my mouth 
trying to be helpful.

Not mad at anybody, and don't want them mad at me,  I just think promotion of 
music and the musicians all the time since that has been my exclusive 
business for forty years, and so often it is overlooked by many well meaning folks in 
our business.

The artist has to be on the constant lookout for any and all publicity and 
promotional value to keep their name and image in front of the very fickle 
public in an every rapidly changing world and society, lest one fall thru the 
cracks and off the musical planet.

That is why guys like Paul Newman have side businesses to keep his  name and 
picture in front of the world in Supermarkets and their advertising 
supplements weekly inbetween his movie releases.   Brilliant marketing to say the least.



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